Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of CHEZNASH.COM You will find below our terms of sale and delivery. All our deliveries and services shall be made on the basis of these general conditions of sale.

All deliveries, services and offers of the company CHEZNASH.COM will be made exclusively on the basis of these general conditions of sale and delivery, unless it has been explicitly agreed in differently by the Contracting Parties. Evidenced by the current version at the time of conclusion of the contract.

Presentation of goods in online store CHEZNASH.COM does not involve a firm offer from NASH. It is the responsibility of the buyer to submit a firm offer. You can place an order by phone, by mail or electronic. By placing an order on the selected merchandise, you submit a binding offer resulting in a contract of sale. CHEZNASH.COM acknowledge receipt of your written order (for example via e-mail). Said acknowledgment does not constitute a binding acceptance of the order. The sales contract will be realized only when NASH will send you an order confirmation expressly, is the ordered.

Orders placed from France are available. Europe costs amounting to € 10 in the world, shipping in the amount of € 15. In case of late delivery, you can either wait for the goods ordered, or terminate the contract of sale. If undeliverable, both parties shall be entitled to terminate the contract of sale. In that event, any benefits you may have already provided you will be reimbursed as soon as possible by NASH.


The settlement of your purchases :

– Or by credit card : Mastercard, Eurocard, Carte Bleue, Visa

– Either Bitcoins

– Or by PayPal

– Or by bank transfer

Bank details for bank transfers :

Beneficiary: NASH
Name banque : Credit Agricole
IBAN : FR7619406370370006314344895

Or directly to France:

Account holder: NASH
Bank code : 19406
Code Guichet : 37037
No. Account : 00063143448
Left rib : 95
Domicile : Tours

You can choose the mode of payment : advance payment by bank transfer, Payment by credit card (MasterCard, Eurocard, Credit Card), Bitcoin payment or payment by PayPal. If you decide to pay your first order by credit card, NASH reserves the right, if appropriate, to request additional information about your contact. The awards will be given in the acknowledgment. Payment is from placing the order. The prices shown in our catalogs, ads or flyers are valid only until the publication of the next catalog, announces your flyer. When ordering the proposed goods on our website, Only prices quoted on website said at the time of placing the order will be valid.

Information right of withdrawal You have the right to withdraw in writing (for example by letter, email) or by returning the goods (if it has reached you before the deadline mentioned below) your consent in 15 days of placing the order without giving reasons.

Consequences of revocation In case of a valid withdrawal, benefits obtained by the two parties as well as any fruits that have been learned (eg interest) will be returned. In case you are not in a position to return part or all of the benefits received or the condition of the goods would have degraded, you will have, if appropriate, us restore a compensatory sum. This clause does not apply if the deterioration of the thing is due to an examination of the goods as it was done in a shop. On another, you can avoid the obligation to pay a compensatory sum for deterioration of the thing due to the use of the goods, if you do not treat them as your property and that you avoid anything that might affect its value. Goods which can be sent by mail will be returned to our peril. Shipping sending will be your responsibility if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered goods and the price of the goods does not exceed € 40 or, in case of a higher price to 40 €, you have, at the time of withdrawal, not yet made full or partial payment of which was agreed by contract. In all other cases, the return of the goods shall be Free Shipping. The repayment of amounts obtained shall be made in 30 days. For the buyer, This period begins with the dispatch of a declaration of withdrawal, or the goods ; for CHEZNASH.COM, such period shall begin upon receipt of the declaration or the goods.

End of information on the right of withdrawal

The legal warranty period amounts to 2 years from the delivery of the goods. During this period, we will repair free of charge any defects within the legal guarantee. Please notify the carrier immediately of any defects or NASH. In case of apparent defects, the deadline is 15 days of receipt of goods. At first, the right of warranty is limited to repair something. If such repair fails and the special conditions prescribed by law are fulfilled, you can choose between the termination of the contract of sale and a reduction of the selling price. You can also request damages. The usual wear effects however do not fall within the statutory warranty. Shoes sneakers wear out especially quickly ; the life of the shoe is of a professional player 3 months maximum. In case of non-availability of an item, we would like to send you an article whose quality and price are approximately similar. You also have the right to return to the 15 days. And revenge, it is not possible to return items such as underwear, swimsuits or shirts that were printed individually for you.

You have a right to compensation if your against-claims have been res judicata or are uncontested.

If misspellings, printing or calculation on the website or in catalogs, announcements or flyers, NASH reserves the right to cancel contracts based on such mistakes.

NASH reserves the right of ownership of the purchased goods until full payment of the goods and merchandise of all goods included in the same delivery.

By running your order, We also process your personal data. We undertake to treat such data as confidential and not to pass them on to third parties. We assume that you agree that we will send to do the latest offers by mail or e-mail unless it has been otherwise agreed.

The sales contract is written in the French language.

82 rue des Halles
37000 TOURS

E-Mail: nash@cheznash.com


Olivier Benchimol